Since 1983
Stoevelaar & Partners has been active and successful in recruitment within the medical device industry. Our focus is on sales, marketing and service positions at operational and management level. We always have a wide range of jobs available in the Netherlands / BeNeLux region.

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Who we are...

Medical Device Industry

Stoevelaar & Partners is the place to be when you are looking for the medical device sales, marketing and management recruitment and executive search agency with the most inside information of the medical device industry in the Netherlands / BeNeLux region.
We are the preferred supplier of a lot of well known medical device companies operating in the Netherlands / BeNeLux region, from startups to well established medical device companies.
Our recruiters are very able to take on your recruitment needs.

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Jobs / Vacancies

We will give you some examples of the sales, marketing and management jobs / vacancies we recruit for in the medical device industry:
- Product Specialist 
- (Key) Account Manager
- Sales Manager
- Product Manager
- Marketing Manager
- Sales Director
- Managing Director

Below you will find some examples of our jobs / vacancies in the medical device industry.
NOTE! These jobs / vacancies may not be available anymore!

Click here for the list of the current jobs / vacancies available.

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Sales Manager Medical Devices Nederland
Brand Manager Medical Devices - Marketing
Contract Manager Medical Devices Nederland
Business Development Manager Medical Devices
vacature Account Manager AED Benelux
vacatures Medical Device Sales Managers
vacature Klinisch Specialist Orthopedie
Starter vacatures medical devices farma life sciences
vacatures medical device marketeers
Medical Capital Equipment Manager Robotics Benelux
Surgical Procedure Manager
Dental Vacatures Jobs
Optometrist / Product Specialist Oogheelkunde vacature
Product Specialist OK Medical Equipment vacature
Product Manager Compressie medical devices Benelux
Clinical Training Manager Medical Devices EU/NL - vacatures / jobs
Account Manager MDL Noord Nederland medical devices - vacatures / jobs
Director Sales Medical Devices GB/DE  - vacatures / jobs - executive search
Rayonmanager Dental Amsterdam - vacatures / jobs
Managing Director Medical Devices Nederland / Belgiƫ - vacatures / jobs

Stoevelaar & Partners

Medical device sales, marketing, management vacatures / jobs
recruitment and executive search in the Netherlands and BeNeLux

Where we work for in the medical device industry

Where we work for in the medical device industry
Stoevelaar & Partners is working for a lot of well known medical device companies in the Netherlands /BeNeLux region. We provide recruitment services for them. What kind of medical device companies do you ask? This is a wide range covering for example wound care, orthopedics, robotics, OR, medical capital equipment dental clinical hearing vacancies implants international surgical procedure manager oral health marketing and sales jobs or vacatures eyecare compression medical key account manager general hospital training and KOL’s. neuro implants and endoscopy traumatologie and product manager QA. for all these products we have jobs.sales representatives medical devices. You can react to our jobs by filling out our respons form.

Stoevelaar & Partners was founded in 1983 and was since then very successful in recruiting and executive search in medical devices and medical technology, medtech. Our recruiters are highly skilled in the medical device sector mostly working for our company for 10 years plus and some of them only do executive search in the medical devices. Vacatures of sales jobs are always available. Specialty fields are: diagnostics, diabetes, operating room, cardiology, scrub nurse, healthcare and lifescience and management positions in the Netherlands / Nederland / Holland. medical device recruiting industry.  Every recruiter who works with us has had extensive training for the job they do. The recruiters are able to give you very good advise on whether the vacancie you have is interesting to candidates in todays market. If this is not the case we will always give you good advise to change the profile to get the best qualified candidates with a medical device background.

Stoevelaar & Partners is the oldest and most experienced medical device recruitment agency you can get in the Netherlands and BeNeLux area. Our prices for medical device recruitment are very competitive and you will not de disappointed. You can contact us as a medical device company or as a professional working in the medical device sector by filling out our Contact Us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also contact us if you already have an interested medical device professional in sight for your opening and want a second opinion from us, we can provide you with our medical device knowledge of recruitment and give you advise on your candidate through talks, assessment or psychological testing. copyright 2017 Stoevelaar & Partners

Examples of jobs we fulfilled are:Sales Manager Medical Devices Nederland, Brand Manager Medical Devices - Marketing, Contract Manager Medical Devices Nederland, Business Development Manager Medical Devices, Director Sales Medical Devices GB/DE, Managing Director Medical Devices Netherlands / Belgium, Clinical Training Manager Medical Devices EU/NL.